Koloth - killer of enough sentients to be awarded with eternal paradise.

The Klingon Valhalla. If a Klingon lives a good life of wanton violence and drunken screaming he goes to Sto-vo-kor, where the bloodwine flows like, uh, wine.

In Sto-vo-kor, both the combat and mating is both equally non-stop and violent, Romulans are served on the grill every night, and targ fucking is completely legal. Kahless the Unforgettable rules this place, but he's usually too busy with paperwork to get to much of the fun stuff. Sometimes a lot of the dead warriors launch assaults on the human afterlife, but Jesus always kicks their ass and sends them packing. Thor and Vishnu once proposed launching a counterattack on Sto-vo-kor, but this was vetoed by Moses.

Kor, noted mass murderer and Sto-vo-kor resident, said it was a shame the event did not go through thus sparking on all out war in the heavens. He stated the ensuing celestial conflagragation would have been "glorious".

Demogaphics and StatisticsEdit

  • Population: 18,784,279,572,654 Klingons and one Trill
  • Type of Government: Constitutional Monarchy
  • Official Bird: Brown Winged Vok'chec
  • Official Mascot: Toby the Targ
  • Official Flower: The Daisy

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