Some things needed for this page:--Tim Thomason 01:04, 4 April 2007 (UTC)

From MA
  • Maybe portals
  • some lame/funny intro obviously
  • Article/Page/junk/thing/humorous description of the Week/month/year/humorous timeframe
  • Did You know...s...
  • News... maybe... maybe not
  • Upcoming stuff... maybe in the future
  • maybe today/this week in Trek history
  • Picture/image/junk/thing/humorous description of the Day/Week/month/year/humorous timeframe
  • links to help/other pages
  • disclaimer of some kind (funny? not funny?)
From MB
  • Some type of Community Article/page to be fixed with some funny description.
  • Expansive media section, because we'll make fun of any all Star Trek, possibly
  • Maybe a related links to the "similar" Star Trek sites
I just came up with the "Stew" name, it should stick.
  • Who cares, it's not real. But if we have to:
    • Quote/saying/Klingon proverb of the (again some type of timeframe), although we might not want to degenerate into doing Wildisms (that might be too plagiaristic).
    • A User/contributor/"Abuser" of the (...timeframe)
From Uncyc
  • Nothing. I hate those guys.
From Wikipedia
  • Same as Uncyclopedia, oddly.

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