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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on The Unreal McCoy.

The Man Trap is an episode of TOS.

What is it with you anyway

Funny, she doesn't look like a buffalo....

It features a bug-eyed monster, Uhura hitting on Spock, salt, and a really horny Leonard McCoy.

Kirk is especially sensitive to the plight of the salt vampire being the last of its kind. The whole crew really shines in their desperate efforts to reach out and save this creature from extinction.

Alas, it died.

Oh, if you didn't know it already, this was the first episdode of Star Trek to air. Wait, if you didn't know that, why are you here?
Even though "The Man Trap" was the first to air, it was not the first episode filmed. That distiction belongs to the pilot.

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