This is an article only a mother could love - too bad it's an orphan!
The Wonderfullness of Leitenandant Comander Jeffrey Albertson

The Wonderfullness of Leitenandant Comander Jeffrey Albertson is a kewl noo short storie wrote by J.Q. Albertson, and is cannon (at least, i's hope so).


Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey Albertson fites evil Borg drones... from the 450st millenium, during the Dominions War. These guys infuse (on accidents) Albertson with something so hes can travel thru the time. Albertson dont gets t'pol, Hoshi Sato 7of9, butt doss the most magnificent and glorius Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Diana Troy, and umm... Tasha Yar I guess. Although she's not dead. Because she travellled thru time and all. Anyways, using his new legion of chik-heroes, Albertson saves the galaxi, destroys the Borg and Dominion, and gets to live happyly everafter wit all them hotties.

The end.

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