The Writers are the only alien species in Trek that also exists in real life.

About the Writers as a SpeciesEdit

The Writers watch a lot of science fiction, but only the intellectual kind - less "Aliens", more "The Day the Earth Stood Still." (The ORIGINAL, not with Keanu) They also enjoy old crime novel, mystery and suspense characters, like Sherlock Holmes, Sam Spade and Mike Hammer. They believe that the human race will eventually evolve beyond the need for money, prejudice and war, but they occasionally sell out the franchise for cash dollars.

Recipe for building the fan base:

  1. Write thoughtful, provocative fiction that no one watches because people either don't understand it or are offended.
  2. Make a movie about spaceships shooting at each other.
  3. ???
  4. PROFIT!!!!

Role of The WritersEdit

The Writers are the ones entrusted to write old morality tales in new and relevant ways. They carefully and craftfully disguise their preachiness behind the untouchable curtain of science fiction, thereby protecting them from any and all criticism. It is, at once, what makes Trek so great and so bad.

Smart Shockers?Edit

The sheriff is a blazing saddles

"The Sheriff is a Ni-" *bell blocks voice*

Back in The Sixties The Writers gave the audience an interracial kiss. How did they defy prevalent morality? EASY!!! "Oh, that's in the future!!!! Not NOW! and it is FICKSHEN!!" "uh, then that is ok then."

Then, in the nineties, Jake-o got to say THE N-WORD on national TV because it was SYENZ FICKSHEN! Even though the story was set in the 1950's. Clever people, those Writers.

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