Black vulcan

I gotta get back to the Hall of Justice and pork my holographic wife.

Tuvok was a Vulcan who served as the pudding maker aboard the Federation starships Voyeur and Voyager, during the time when Captain Janeway was Supreme Overlordess (all hail Overlordess Janeway!), and when Neelix was the cook who burnt everything except Seven-of-Nine's nutritional suppliments. Before he was on either Voyager or Voyeur, he was an evil guy on a Mahkeee vessel (No, he wasn't.) He was also a Janitor on the Pieship Excedrin, under Head Janitor Sulu (yes, that is an official title!). He was not compatible with VORIK and was in love with Tom Paris.

Tuvok was phoned-in by noted film director Tim Russ.
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For canonites with no sense of humor, Memory Alpha has created a so-called article on Tuvok.

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