Bridge D

Enterprise D bridge. See the nice wood finish

Enterprise d

Oh oh oh!! Look! The blue lights are on!

USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D): the most famous of all Enterprises, need I say more?.


The Enterprise D looked really nice. It had pretty creme colored walls, and a nice beige carpet, and the bridge had a nice wood finish! After a couple of years, though, the crew realized that the wood finish sort of revealed the fact that they weren't on a real starship, but that they were actually on a studio set. So, they tried to get rid of it, but the director yelled at them, so it stayed. The original Enterprise had rocket thingies in the back that were like real rockets, but the Enterprise-D had thin blue light-up lights that turned on whenever they went to warp speed.


Yeah, um, there was a big crew. Yep. uuh-huh. Oh yeah. Ok, so stop reading right now. This is one of those things that Aemory-Mlfalfa doesn't really care about, so yeah, stop reading. If you keep reading, you will learn nothing! This is here so this article doesn't become a stub. So if you read this last sentence, you won't learn anything new at all.

However, there was a group of actors pretending to be the crew, who always hogged up camera time. Here are their names:

1. Charles "Mr.Six" Xavier

2. Billy Mays

3. Ridgehead

4. Robocop

5. The one that no one likes

6. Reading rainbow

7.Mother of Space Child

8. random space child that no one likes

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