These starships keep looking cornier and cornier every day

The USS Reliant was some random ship in one of the movies. Like the Enterprise, it had a bridge that looked like an office with lots of computers.


The disk thing looks the same as all of the other ships, but the thing that is different is that the thing that hangs under the ship is above the ship, and the rocket thingies are like skis, so it is obvious that the Reliant obviously had mountainous origins.


It was a ship that looked weird, and it had a corny-looking bridge. It was captained by some random black dude that no one's ever heard of, and the first officer was a guy named Pavement Chirko. No one really knows why, but Chirko blew it and decided to retire from the Reliant and become a janitor on the Enterprise. However, people say that the reason that he became a janitor because the Reliant like, exploded or something. Yeah, there really isn't anything else. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. (Star Trek II: Bus Riley's Back in Town!)


Early design sketches found on bar napkins at the Spacedock Bar and Grill

The Reliant was a downsized replacement for the six-passenger Constitution-class, which in turn was a modernized version of the original SS Valiant and USS Bonaventure starships of the 2160s. Based on experience gained with subcompact USS Antares of 2258, the roomier K-cars set out to build a family sized car with a radically new front-wheel drive design powered by a four cylinder engine. Rather than offering the fastback styling popularized by the USS Thunderchild and USS Archon compacts, or hatchbacks, they were offered as two- and four-nacelle notchback destroyers and transports that were called boxy or "generic ship" styling. Like the Valiant and Bonaventure, they also retained six-passenger seating on two bench seats.


A Reliant vessel-Ship of the Year

While the Romulan Bird of Prey introduced front-wheel warp drive in the 2160 model year to replace the Dirty Bird, its unusual styling and problems with recalls hampered its success. By contrast, the Reliant-class vessels would be accepted as adequate and relatively reliable, if not exciting ships. They racked up nearly a million in sales between the two original nameplates before being rebadged and upgraded, not counting the numerous stretched, sporty, or minivan derivatives. The Reliant was Nacelles Monthly magazine's Ship of the Year for 2265. It was built in Newark, Delaware, Detroit, Michigan, and Toluca, Mexico.

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