A "1" on the scale. Funny how that worked out, aye?

The Venn-Miradorn Scale of Hotass Bitches was implemented in 2302 to rate the many fine women of the universe in a fully scientificly accurate way. All beautiful women find themselves on the scale somewhere, between 1-8.
  • The scale begins at its lowest point with a "1", denoting a cute and/or very attractive female specimen. The scientific community was deadlocked for many years exactly over how to begin the V-M Scale, as various cultural, personal, and spiritual beliefs collided to objectify classify bare-bones level hotness in a female. It was not until 2399, when Dr. Alex Bondor proposed to represent the rating of one with, ironically, Number One. His proposal was met with great acceptance, and the V-M Scale truly took off.

A "2".

  • A "2" is a female subject of great physical beauty. Curves are usually an important factor in determining a "2" from a "1", but not always. Voice quality is generally a factor at this point.

Yep. A serious "3".

  • "3"s are where the scale gets interesting.

A great "4".

  • "4"s are where many "girl-next-door" or "Mary-anns" are filed.

A "5". Rowr!

  • A very, very popular classification is "5".
  • Ah, the "6". Now we head into truly hotass (from a truly scientific perspective) territory.

A "6". Oh yeah.

  • Around the "7" is where the words "Hells yeah! " get tossed out a great deal.
Orion slave girl

The "7".

  • An "8" is where things just get out of hand.

I'm pretty sure if she'd been the navigator, TOS would have made its five-year mission, easy

Boobs with tricorder

"The Science Lab Christmas party, remember?"

  • This is a "10". You kids just wouldn't understand.

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