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Looking for Kathryn Janeway? This just about covers it.

Returning the favour

"Reverse Whoopology" classes with The Doctor

Whooping ass (as in 'im going to open a great can of...') was one of Kathryn Janeway's favourite past-times whilst "stranded" in the DQ. She whooped Kazon ass, she whooped Krenim ass, she even whooped borg ass, (in more ways than one - if you know what I mean...). Janeway's prolific whooping record in the Delta Quadrant helped her to become Big Missus Boss Ma'am at Starfleet Command, where it is noted she continues her infamous ass whooping to date.

Pot-Luck Pee-Card also attempted to whoop ass, but ultimately failed, resulting in his own ass being whooped on more than one occasion (by red-head MILF, by Vageanna Troillop, by son of MILF - which he rather enjoyed... You get the picture). On her return to the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Pickled asked The Queen of the Universe:

"Teach me, you are the master!"

To which Janeway replied:

"No Shit."

and proceeded to disrobe.

N.B. To this day, it is a well known Starfleet fact, that the only booty Peekhard could whoop was that of the Shiny Metal variety.

Those Whooped by JanewayEdit

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