Worf leads the away team

Worf, son of Mogh, has lived a long life of suffering and good times. He was born in the late 23rd century and adopted by the human communist Belarussian Rochzenko family, which taught him human proletarian ways in the glorious land of Sфviзт Яцssiа. Although he was a Klingon, he never thought about his honor as a child. Surprisingly, he always concentrated on his parents and family!

But as he got older, he became a colonel of Klingon warfare. Kor sent him to destroy James T. Kirk and crew, but didn't succeed. He, luckily, did not die, but was severely injured.

He admired General Chang of the Klingon Empire because he taught Worf about how valuable honor is. Later on, Worf joined Starfleet. It seemed out of honor, but for getting to express his Human+Klingon ways, it was worth it. His first ship was the Enterprise-D. The Enterprise-D was actually a follower of Kirk's ship, which Worf almost destroyed! His rank was [[lieutenant]. He, of course, was a tactical officer.

Around that time, he married Kaylar and had a child named Alexander, who came to live on the Enterprise-D with Worf. After the Enterprise-D, Worf joined DS9, because he could get to meet more Klingons that way. He jumped his rank from lieutenant to lieutenant commander after joining DS9. He admired his captain, Benjamin Sisko, and studied more Klingon law. Gowron and Kurn convinced him to earn his honor back, and that he did.

Then, Worf joined the Enterprise-D again. He had to solve his final mission of Shinzon, the evil nemesis, which he finished and succeeded. He, by opinion, had the greatest journey with Klingon outlaw written all over it.

Notable quotesEdit

Worf a herp derp

worIv jIH a'HIrp DIrp (q.).

worIv jIH a'HIrp DIrp 
"I'm Worf a-herp-derp!"
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