The wormhole, also known as A CASH-COW PLOT DEVICE, waz a hole in space. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Kind of like where socks go when they disappear in the dryer. All kinds of things disappeared there like:

which all clearly indicates that the wormhole was a big dumping ground.

Since da wormhole was a big flushing bowl, that makes the Prophets/worm-hole aliens kind of like Mr. Hankey.

First Appearance of a WormholeEdit

Star Trek: The Motion Picture was the first recorded appearance of a wormhole. Using a combination of slow motion and misaligned optical printing, director Robert Wise (he cut Citizen Kane, you know), foreshadowed the somnambulism of the second act involving V'Ger, a pillow and blankey, and two Tylenol PM.


This scene occupies 20% of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, or roughly three hours of screen time.

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